Wholesale Water Soluble CBD

We are the reliable supplier of high-quality, premium, bulk water soluble CBD products. In fact, these products aren’t solutions, as CBD isn’t water-soluble. They are emulsions that consist from tiny droplets on CBD extract suspended in a liquid. If you are a professional seeking to buy water soluble CBD or you intend to create and sell a white label water soluble CBD product, this article is for you.  We are also sellers of water soluble solutions in bulk.

When CBD is directly ingested, a lot of Cannabidiol is lost, as the stomach acid destroys it, and the liver metabolizes it.

Water Soluble Cannabidiol

Water-soluble CBD products are similar to a traditional tonic. If you add several drops of soluble CBD product to a volume of water and you shake it vigorously, you’ll obtain a off-white liquid that’s no longer transparent. Those where the old-style health tonics older consumers may still remember.

Why Water Soluble CBD?

Familiarity is always an advantage when it comes to launching new CBD products on the market. People who had their reservations in regard to Cannabis Sativa products, due to the fact that they lived for such a long while under prohibition, are more comfortable with CBD products that look like normal stuff they are familiar with. If people are hesitant to start with, a new method of consumption may turn them off.

Why Choose Us?

CBD water is able to enter the system very quickly after being ingested. This is one of the most important benefits of water soluble CBD. It is also more practical than those CBD drops that need to be placed under the tongue. Water soluble CBD makes administration a lot easier, as users don’t have to bother with counting their drops any longer.

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Whether you are starting a new venture or looking to replace your existing supplier, no doubt you’ve got questions. We work closely with our partners to make sure we align on all the important points. Let us know what your aims are and how we can help you get there.